Our company SEZ DK a.s. was founded in 1947 as one of the first plants built in the industrialization of Czechoslovakia. From its foundation, to the present day, we have been building a tradition in the production of electrical installation products. Thanks to a long tradition, experience and state-of-the-art technology in the field of injection moulding, we are consolidating our position as a market leader.

Market leader

We keep our position as the market leader in the production of electro-installation products in the countries of Central Europe on a long-term basis.

Production capacities

Our production capacities cover an area of ​​50,569 m2. Within our production capabilities we cooperate with verified renowned brands.

ISO certification

We are certified for the organization management system ISO 9001, EN ISO 9001:2015.


Industrial sockets and plugs

CEE distribution boards

Terminal blocks and terminal clamps

Installation boxes and glands

Terminal components

Limit switches

PVC Conduit Pipes

Catalogues and certificates

Catalogue 2022-2024

Overview catalogue

Catalogue 2017-2020

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ROS 16 leaflet

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EN ISO 45001:2018 EN

VDE certificate

VDE certificate


Comprehensive services represent the complete process of development and production from consulting with the customer, through design and construction, production, assembly, testing and delivery of the product to the customer, followed to warranty and post-warranty service.

R&D department

We use our own development processes to bring new products. Our R&D department consists of a team of experts who develop new products, so our innovation is very flexible. Based on consultation with the customers and specification of requirements, the R&D department will prepare a tailor-made solution.


Tool shop, Metal production, Press shop

Our own R&D department and tool shop provide the construction and production of molds. Within the production capacities, we cooperate with verified renowned brands. We also implement moulding injection for the automotive industry up to 1 kg of molding weight.

Tailor-made solutions in the field of electrical installation, automation, measurement and control

We offer our clients solutions for power supply and MaR technological infrastructure of extrusion lines, press lines and various service technologies. We offer complete services in the field of automation, process control and technological infrastructure. We are helpful in the management, construction of new premises and modernization. Our designs and automation are based on knowledge and experience of technological processes in the industry.


Galvanizing plant

We offer and implement plating of parts with the following modifications:

  • degreasing of brass and steel parts
  • pickling in hydrochloric acid
  • passivation
  • tanning in a mixture of acids
  • hinged galvanizing and bulk galvanizing in drums
  • bulk tinning
  • bulk nickel plating

The most widely used and cost-effective way to achieve reliable corrosion protection is galvanizing. It is designed to protect against corrosion and at the same time has a decorative character. Galvanizing is suitable for steel, alloy, brass and copper. The galvanized surface is soft and tough, it is used as a decorative coating with good corrosion resistance or as a base for organic coatings.



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SEZ DK a.s.
M.R. Štefánika 1831/46
026 19 Dolný Kubín

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SEZ DK a.s.
M.R. Štefánika 1831/46
026 19 Dolný Kubín

IČO: 36854174
DIČ: 2022501415
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